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Designer by heart.

Craftsperson by nature.


With a passion for design and craft, I am always seeking new opportunities to further develop my skills. I try to absorb as much as I can from every experience because new ideas can be found anywhere. I’ve always had an affinity for objects and a fascination for how things work. I just feel compelled to make things.

I am so excited to enter this ever-evolving industry and hope to be an influential contributor. Being a problem-solver to the core, Design Thinking and User Experience are essential to my practice. If there's a chance I can work with my hands, you can expect great things.


I grew up in Toronto and spent my summers on the farm in Saskatchewan. A few of my hobbies and interests include yoga, gardening, farming, metalsmithing, puzzles, 3D printing, and true crime.

A glimpse at my life:

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