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NailRun is the ultimate disposal and distribution service for immediate building materials. Our mission is to renovate renewability and increase client productivity. Supplies are sustainably packaged, and orders are delivered through our innovative app. The remaining waste is collected by our team then reused or disposed of accordingly. We provide information on environmental impacts and the reduction of construction waste.


It all starts with a hammer and nails.

Our lightweight and durable box is reusable, recyclable, and compostable! It has a magnet sweeper on the back with a handy drawer to store broken nails and other small scrap metals.

When purchasing in bulk, you can pick up our Cycle box! it has been designed so that once you've used up a box of nails, you can slip it back in and grab a fresh one. Once all boxed have been used, the Cycle box slides into the designated slot in the disposal bin.



Concept & Design by

Leonor Aguero, Lindsay Anderson,

Jordan Bownes, Camryn Richards

Programs: Adobe CC, Sketch, Rhino 5

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