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Coral Craze

A new mobile game that puts a special focus on ocean conservation. There’s a lack of awareness among youth about environmental impacts on the ocean. While kids understand the basics of recycling and know a bit about the ocean, they are not well aware of the relationship between the two. Especially in places that are landlocked - they don’t get to actually see what’s happening.


Grow a virtual coral reef!

A fun an educational resource that creates empathy and personal responsibility between the player and the ocean. See the impact you can make!


Be happy and stay healthy.


Your main objective is to grow your reef by keeping it clean and taking good care of your fish. As you grow, new creatures can be discovered along with more tasks to help your reef.

Your reef is always vulnerable and it is your duty to protect it. Be sure to act fast or your fish will swim away in search of a new home!

hand_oil spill.png
hand_oil spill swipe.png

Coral Craze

Concept & Design by

Camryn Richards & Lindsay Anderson

Programs: Adobe CC (Ai, Ps, Id), Sketch

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