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ACAD webService

Any type-A student will agree that ensuring they are on track to graduate is essential and of utmost importance. With only a web application, students are forced to search for a desktop every time they need to check their status. Since we're already glued to our phones, what better to have than a mobile app to provide such convenience. 

app mockup_phone1.gif

The dashboard displays active classes and a brief look at your student status.

app mockup_phone4.gif

Easily register for courses and plan for upcoming semesters.

app mockup_phone2.gif

Quickly access your current and past schedules as well as class information.

View your account balance and make payments within the app.

app mockup_phone3.gif
app mockup_tablet.png
app mockup_phone.png

ACAD webService

Concept & Design by Lindsay Anderson

Program: Sketch

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